2018 Vendor Information & Requirements
(Please Read Carefully!)

Description of Event:

  • Outdoor Festival at the Legend Owners Tournament on Lake Fork, Texas (Oak Ridge Marina)
  • Saturday November 10th, 2018
  • Festival Hours: Saturday: 10am-4pm
  • Free Admission to the public


  • Booth space fees:
    • Standard 10×10 without electricity $200; 10 x 10 w/electricity $300
    • Standard 10×20 without electricity $400; 10×20 w/electricity $475
  • Booth spaces with electricity are limited and available on a first come-first served basis.  Vendors must provide their own heavy-duty extension cord (100 ft minimum)
  • All vendor location requests will be considered on a first come – first serve basis and honored whenever possible.
  • You must provide your own tents, tables, etc.
  • This event occurs rain or shine! Be prepared for wind, rain and/or heat/cold.
  • Please provide a detailed description of your booth items on the form (attach an additional sheet if necessary) and, if possible, attach photos of samples.
  • All vendors are required to show proof of liability insurance. Please read, sign the attached waiver and attach copy of your insurance when submitting application.
  • Once application has been accepted, all payments are non-refundable/non-transferrable.
  • Booths will be assigned based on category & content once completed application, full payment and a current certificate of insurance are received and accepted.
  • Your space may not be assigned/transferred/sublet by vendor to anyone. No Exceptions!
  • Each applicant will receive a confirmation letter upon receipt of their application along with a map and directions prior to the event.
  • 50% Deposit is required with application. Deadline for the balance of application fee is due November 9th, 2018. If balance is not paid in full by deadline date, Vendor space is subject to forfeit. Applicants not accepted will have their deposit refunded.

Move In Setup – Move Out:

  • Trailers & Bulk Space Vendors: Must check-in between 1 PM-5 PM on Friday, November the 9th
  • Standard Booth Vendors: Must check-in between 1 PM-5 PM on Friday, November the 9th
  • All setup must be completed and vehicles removed from fenced in festival area by 5 PM Friday, November the 9th – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No vehicles will be allowed in the festival area after 5 PM on Friday, November the 9th without permission of a Legend Owners Tournament official.
  • Due to safety issues, vendors who arrive after their designated days/times may forfeit pre-assigned booth location and be assigned an alternate location.
  • Vendors not set up by this accordance will be subject to forfeiture of their booth space and vendors rights provided herein shall be immediately terminated and all payments made by vendor shall be retained by Legend Owners Tournament as liquidated damages and Legend Owners Tournament may resell or otherwise reuse the space.
  • We do not provide parking for vendors and vehicles are not allowed in the festival area.
  • Vendors are not allowed to tear down/move out until 4 PM Saturday, or after the Final Awards Ceremony has concluded and crowd has dispersed. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter the area until cleared by Legend Owners Tournament
  • Vendor is responsible for leaving the vendor area in the condition that it was originally received, i.e. removal of all debris such as boxes and trash, etc. . . .


  • Vendors are required to carry a general insurance policy covering their own exhibit(s), goods, and sale material, prior to, during, and after the event, as well as, covering its own conduct and that of its employees, agents, and independent contractors.
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance must be provided by each vendor and must include bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury in the amount of not less than $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars), naming Legend Owners Tournament, its sponsors, employees, and volunteers as additionally insured. Vendors will not be allowed to enter festival area without prior submission of proof of insurance.
  • Vendors shall indemnify and hold harmless Legend Owners Tournament, its sponsors, agents, employees, and volunteers from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees arising out of, resulting from, or any way associated with or contributed to, by any claimed act, omission, negligence, fault, violation of law, regulation or rule by Vendor, any of its employees, agents, or others employed directly or indirectly by Vendor, volunteers, or other persons in or about the Vendor’s booth or bulk area.


  • All vendors must have appropriate permits/certificates/licenses where applicable, including but not limited to Health Department Inspections/Permits and Resale Certificates. Vendor must display Health Department certifications in a visible location within their booth and are subject to Health Department inspection during the event.
  • All vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting any applicable taxes (local, state, and federal).

Staffing of Booths:

  • Vendor shall staff its booth during all hours of the festival. Booth shall not be left unattended until after the publicized closing hour.
  • The Legend Owners Tournament is a family oriented event and our image is important to us. You are responsible for controlling your employees, and all vendors must conduct themselves in a courteous and polite manner.


  • All vendors are responsible for their booth area at all times during the event. Please maintain a clean and safe area for both your staff and the public.
  • The use of microphones, speakers, or any other sound-amplifying device is prohibited by vendor/concessionaires during the Event without the express written consent of Legend Owners Tournament
  • Pets/live animals are not allowed into the festival area by vendors or the general public, without the express written consent of Legend Owners Tournament
  • Vendors are solely responsible for complying with all safety, health, and fire code requirements. You must have a working fire extinguisher with current inspection sticker at your location if you are dealing with any electronics, cooking or grilling equipment.
  • The festival will not provide security. Legend Owners Tournament shall not be responsible for any stolen, lost, or damage, loss, theft, fire, flood, vandalism, accidents, or any other events to items of equipment or personal belongings. Vendor shall be solely responsible for the protection and safeguarding of valuables and release Legend Owners Tournament from any losses or damage to your property. Please handle your affairs, as you deem appropriate with respect to protecting your equipment and belongings. Legend Owners Tournament shall be released from any and all claims for damage to vendors’ goods, business, and reputation, which may arise as a consequence of the show, the vendors’ use of the space or any prior event relating to the show.

 Exclusions from Sales/Contests:

  • Vendors are prohibited from selling any alcoholic beverages, food or drink items. Only those items, which have been accepted on the Vendor Application, will be allowed for sale during the event.
  • Vendors desiring to conduct drawings for prizes and/or giveaways must have written approval by LOT in advance. All such drawings must be completed and announced prior to the close of the event with winners reported in writing to LOT by 4PM on Saturday, November the 10th.


  • This is an OUTDOOR EVENT and will commence regardless of weather. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Legend Owners Tournament reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or alter the event, and/or its rules.
  • Failure of vendors to abide by these rules will result in eviction from the premises by Legend Owners Tournament