How do I sign up?

There are three ways to register for a tournament:
1) Print off an entry form and mail it in (cheapest – no convenience of late fee).
2) Sign up online with a credit card (small online convenience fee). (NOT SETUP YET)
3) Sign up at tournament the evening before or the morning of the tournament (late registration – Cash).

What is the Tournament start time?

First cast at most of the Legend Owners Tournament will be at  6 am not before. Check the rules on the entry form the the tournament you plan to attend.

Is this a Big Bass tournament?

We host both big bass and 5 fish bass tournaments. Read the rules to make sure you know which tournament you are fishing.

Can we launch from any where on the lake?

That depends on the tournament. You must read all the rules on the entry form of the tournament you intend to attend.

Can I use live bait during this tournament?

No! All fishing must be done with artificial lures only. Pork is permitted.

Do I have to check in?

All Boaters must check in the evening before or the morning of the tournament, regardless of how they pay. There is a quick meet-n-greet and a chance to ask any questions you may have, and to make sure you have read the rules and understand them. Once you have checked in for your event, then you are free to go.

What is the payback?

The payback will depend on the total number of paid entries for each tournament. The $200 entry fee pays back 80%. One place is paid out for every six paid entries. There is a $2,000 minimum guaranteed payout regardless of the number of entries, and a $2,000 first place guaranteed payout starting 20 paid entries.