Lake Fork Tx.

How it began...
  On the day of the Skeeter Owners Tournament. I went out and started fishing about 5:45 am. I heard guys from two other boats yell at me that had started to fish too early. I wanted to ask them if they know the difference between a Skeeter and A Legend but I figured I'd let them figure it out.
  I started thinking why don't we, Legend Owners, have our own tournament. We already have the best built boat not to mention the best looking boats. When I got home, I went online to Facebook and asked that same question and the response was great. From that moment I went to work planning, making phone call and asking for help from the Legend Nation.

LOT MISSION: To provide a series of creditable, affordable, professionally ran bass tournaments where every attempt is made to protect the resource, promote sportsmanship throughout the membership, recognize and promote sponsor products, and give consideration to each individual anglers needs.

Legend Owners Tournament Team

     Tournament's Operated by Roger Belk and
Paul Jeffcoat

Roger Belk


Roger Belk An Ironworker, Android Developer and a avid Bass Fisher.  A Legend in his own mind!
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Paul Jeffcoat


President of Paul Jeffcoat Enterprises, LLC
Retired Quality Engineer from the Aerospace Industry. Now, I Travel the world as a NADCAP auditor...
Visit: Jeffcoat Outdoors


Randy Qualls

Randy Qualls

Title Sponsor & Backer

Founded in 2017, QC Fiberglass is a repair facility located in east Texas near Richland Chambers Lake. QC owner, Randy Qualls, has deep roots in fiberglass, having spent the last fifteen years as Owner and President of Legend Boats.
Visit: QC Fiberglass

For more info or questions

If you need a Tournament hosted, want to sponsor one of ours or just have a question about fishing here is your chance. Click the "Email Roger Button"